Empowering Lifelong Learning with FlexID's Secure and Innovative Education Solution.

Innovating Academic Credentialing

Enhancing Efficiency and Security in Academic Credentialing.

Reliable and secure digital academic credential system that enhances the efficiency and reliability of academic credentials while providing learners with greater control over their credentials in a self-sovereign identity framework. The solution includes a digital credential system that provides safe delivery and storage of multiple envelopes, protecting the authenticity and privacy of academic credentials and reducing the opportunity for fraud.

Revolutionizing Education

Empowering Lifelong Learning through Open Standards and Transparent Governance

Committed to open-source and open standards, creating an ecosystem of options in collaboration with technology companies and online learning platforms. The solution prioritizes learner rights, enabling self-sovereign identity and credential ownership while ensuring interoperability and avoiding vendor lock-in.

Why Education?

Empowering Lifelong Learning with Secure and Transparent Digital Academic Credentials.

Our SSI framework gives learners complete control over their academic credentials, which they can own, control, and share with third parties as per their convenience.

Uses digital technology and safe delivery and storage of multiple envelopes to protect the content of academic documents and ensure the authenticity and privacy of its contents, providing a secure and reliable environment for academic credentialing.

Designed to be interoperable, ensuring that academic credentials are easily recognized and accepted by relying parties, such as employers and educational institutions, providing a seamless and hassle-free academic credentialing experience.


Sandton, South Africa