Streamlined Proctoring

Efficient Assessment and Proctoring

FlexID's latest offering is an assessment platform that seamlessly integrates with our proctoring platform. Our assessment platform is designed to provide exam creators with an intuitive, user-friendly, and efficient solution, allowing them to create and administer exams with ease. The platform also ensures full integration with our proctoring platform, which monitors test-takers to prevent cheating and ensure the integrity of the exam.

Exam Integrity Monitoring

Proctoring Metrics for Exam Integrity

Exam compliance

Video surveillance

Behavioral analysis

Adaptive Proctoring

Flexible Proctoring for Varied Assessments

FlexID's adaptable proctoring solution safeguards the entire test-taking process with real-time monitoring and reporting. Our platform verifies test-taker identity and prevents cheating, ensuring a fair and equal playing field for all assessments, including adaptive testing.


Sandton, South Africa