FlexID Verifiable Credentials
What are verifiable credentials?

Revolutionizing Information Sharing and Verification - The Power of Verifiable Credentials.

Verifiable credentials

Transforming secure information sharing.

Verifiable credentials authenticate and securely share individuals' qualifications, attributes, or achievements using cryptographic techniques.

  • Education
  • Healthcare
  • Identity Verification
Decentralized identifiers and verifiable credentials

Revolutionizing Secure Data Transfer

DIDs and VCs enable secure data transfer and collaboration between multiple organizations globally, eliminating intermediaries and reducing costs. They can verify various data types, including vaccination records, boarding passes, meal preferences, and car rental bookings.

Why Verifiable Credentials?

Empowering Customers: The Benefits of FlexID's Decentralized Data Hub

FlexID's digital credentials serve as proof of various aspects such as address, age, and bank account ownership, enabling secure and efficient authentication without usernames and passwords.

FlexID enables secure messaging and data exchange, establishing private channels for communication between customers and organizations, facilitating two-factor authentication, onboarding, and consent management.

FlexID empowers customers to become their own data hub, eliminating the need for a centralized hub. This enables organizations to manage authentication, onboarding, sales, and secure communication, while customers supply data precisely when needed.


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